Groceer delivers fresh fruits, vegetables, and more straight from the farmer’s harvest right to your pantry.

We skip the supermarket shelves so you get only the freshest, most nutritious food in North Texas.

Three local Dallas women founded Groceer during the global pandemic of 2020. During the crisis, they became aware of a distinct lack of ways to easily buy farm-fresh produce to keep their families nourished and healthy. As a result, they each have a vision and a passion for offering a better way for their communities to purchase produce, skipping the supermarket shelves, and delivering it fresh from the farm and ready-to-eat.

Groceer offers an alternative way to bring the best produce Texas has to offer directly to the shelves and pantries of our customers. At Groceer, we believe in the nutritional power and healthy living that farm-fresh produce provides, and in building close relationships with our communities and area farmers and vendors.

No preservatives, no artificial additives. Only the freshest, most delicious natural produce that Texas-area farmers can offer, and home-made, freshly-prepared baked goods and snacks prepared by local artisans.

Unlike other grocery delivery services, we skip the grocery store middleman and deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, and more straight from the farm to your pantry shelves. We also go the extra with our touch-free process to pre-wash all our produce and ziplock-pack them - ensuring longevity and nutrition and arriving to you ready to refrigerate or prepare.

Our hygienic preparation process.

By having close relationships with our farmers and suppliers, we ensure that we only deliver food that is grown to the highest standards of quality. We also build relationships with those farmers and vendors so they know how much their hard work is making a difference in the lives of our customers.

As entrepreneurs, and especially as mothers, our founders understood how important it is to know exactly where our food is sourced, and how nutritionally important it is that it be delivered fresh.